Covid-19 Emergency Measures

We, the hosts of Domaine Bitobi, are committed to the safety and health of our customers and that is why we have put in place simple and effective emergency measures for the return to normal of our summer season. These measures consist of :

Paying the total of your invoice by credit card and by phone.
The instructions will be sent to you before your arrival to direct you right to your cabin, without having to stop at the reception.
The cabins will be cleaned, will have been ventilated, disinfected to the maximum and will be quarantined at least 24 hours between each tenant.
Customers must always respect the social distance of 2 m.
The Spa and Sauna will be closed for more safety
The swimming pool will be open but subject to certain strict rules.
Customers will be invited to bring their own outdoor games, such as volleyballs, badminton rackets, etc.
Procedures to be followed will be indicated in each cabin and other measures may be added.

Domaine Bitobi

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